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Intro/Friending Post

Hmm… I never bothered to make one of these types of posts since most of my entries are public but I noticed some people added me lately. Anyway…

Hi! I’m Lady of the Thread. I’m a crazy cosplayer and tend to ramble a lot about my cosplay projects and post photos here. The bulk of my entries relate to cosplay in some way so you might find this journal to be very boring if you're not into costumes. ^_^; I occasionally write fanfic although I’m much better at sewing. I also like mystery novels, needlework, and musical theatre. These other hobbies come up here once in a while but tend to not be mentioned much since few people on my friends list seem to be interested in them.

If you’d like to be added, please comment and introduce yourself and let me know how you found me. I’m pretty open to adding most people, as long as we share some hobbies and/or fandoms. ^_^

If you don’t comment and introduce yourself, I’ll just assume that you’re mainly interested in my cosplay posts and don’t care about being added back. ^_^; I don’t discuss personal stuff much so I rarely lock posts and all the cosplay and hobby stuff is public so anyone can read it.

D kimono

Going to Canada...

Wow, it’s been forever since I posted here and since I’ve really checked my friends page. But I haven’t got the time for a huge update at the moment. ^_^;;;

Any of the Canadian people here going to the Toronto cosplay picnic next weekend? Some of my brother’s friends from up there invited him and he asked if I wanted to go, too. So, I’m going to be in Toronto next weekend.

Will be taking the train up on Thursday and staying with relatives until Tuesday so I’ll have some time to visit with them and do some sightseeing. I want to visit the textile museum again while I’m there. I skipped the shoe museum last time since I’m not that into shoes. Is it worth going? Any other museum/sightseeing suggestions? Or anyone want to go see them together? Don't know when I'm going yet but Monday seems most likely; there's supposed to be dinner Friday and lunch Sunday with relatives so I'm not as sure about how my schedule will work out those days.

And for the picnic, I’m currently trying to finish up Valentine’s default outfit from Gankutsuou. Still need to finish the jacket, trim the bangs on my wig and do the scarf in her hair.
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Wow, I’ve been lazy about posting. ^_^;; Still haven’t even written about Katsucon yet but I think I’ll wait until after the weekend.

Anyway, Anime Boston is this weekend and it looks like I’ll be on my own this year; my brother had been thinking of going to PAX East but decided a few days ago to stay home instead. By the way, is anyone looking for a PAX badge? I think he’s trying to sell his. And he's reconsidering going now so I'm not sure what will happen.

Still trying to figure out what to pack for Boston other than Lia, which now has the missing panel added and a redone ruffle on the chemise. After Katsucon, I just wanted a break from sewing before going back to it. Haven’t started on another cosplay yet since the ones I’m more interested in would have taken a lot of embellishment and I didn’t want to rush. I did start sewing a dress out of a fun Japanese print fabric but don’t know if I’ll bother to try finishing it for Boston since it’s more of a summer dress and it’ll be somewhat cool this weekend.

Probably a couple of older costumes without really bulky pieces since Lia already has a quilted petticoat and I’ll only have one suitcase for costumes plus all the other stuff I usually bring to cons. So, no jellyfish dress since that plus Lia just about filled my whole suitcase for Katsucon. Might pack my D kimono or one of my Ryuuren costumes.
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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Leaving for Katsucon Thursday morning and I’m so not ready. X_X The chorus from this describes my Lia progress pretty well:

It feels like every time I fix or solve an issue on the costume, something else breaks or another problem comes up. -_-X It’s almost wearable at this point but still needs most of the trim and I still need to cut shorter bangs into my wig. Don’t know if I’ll be able to get to covering shoes with leftover fabric to match.

Working at the Funimation booth for the Princess Jellyfish promotion 3-6 Friday afternoon and 10-1 Saturday morning. Come and make jellyfish dolls!

And I don’t know what else I’m doing. Not sure if I have time to pack other stuff since I still have so much sewing to do.
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Happy Year of the Dragon!

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy Chinese New Year!

Katsucon is in less than a month and I’m finally feeling motivated to work on stuff again. Don’t have much planned for the con yet. I’m going to be helping with the Princess Jellyfish promotion at the Funimation booth on Friday and Saturday; it’s going to be my first ACP event and we’re supposed to be helping attendees make jellyfish dolls so hopefully, it’ll be fun. :-D I’m also trying to finish Lia’s Russian portrait gown from Le Chevalier D’eon. I started that one two years ago but shelved since it looked like I wouldn’t be able to reuse Ekaterina’s corset as I was planning. And I’m not sure what else I’m going to bring yet.

The past week and a half or so has been pretty productive. I made a mini hoopskirt to go with my jellyfish dress. (The shape reminds me a bit of a lampshade. XD) I originally wore the dress with a plain petticoat under my ruffled one but the weight of the pearls at the hem smooshed the petticoats down and made them not as poofy. The hoopskirt is a great improvement and I love the shape it gives the dress now! (This is what it was previously like for comparison.)



I’ve also finished making the petticoat for Lia. I had it mostly done but needed to finish hand hemming the bottom flounce and gathering and attaching it to the rest of the petticoat. I also did a petticoat out of pre-quilted fabric to go under it. And I’m working on a new chemise now since the sleeves on the old one are too long and it would be easier to have the lacy ruffle at the neckline on the chemise instead of the actual dress. Then, I’m probably making a new strapless corset since the straps of my Ekaterina corset were showing past the neckline of my gown mockup. Will post Lia progress pictures next time.
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Finally getting to posting about that thing I mentioned the other day… I made a dreamwidth account:


If you have an account there, let me know so I can add you! I haven’t completely decided what I’ll do yet. I figure I’ll import this journal over there as a backup but I don’t know if I’ll move completely and I would at least crosspost. The new default commenting system isn’t a big problem with my personal journal since I’m using a S2 journal style and those comment pages have stayed the same.

It is a problem for large communities though since a lot of them used the default and needed subject lines, which were taken out of the new layout, for organization. I got back into roleplaying over the summer and the new layout has caused problems for the game I’m in and it’s moving to DW. I’ve been a lot more active on my characters journals lately, too, than this one and had one of them as a paid account for the extra icons. So, I’m going to be moving those journals over completely.

Even though I’ve had this journal for nearly 7 years now and have stuck with the site despite a huge chunk of my friends list abandoning it for Facebook and Twitter the past few years, service has really gone downhill this year with the repeated attacks and wonky notifications. :-/ (I never got the notifications for some of the people who requested cards this year and there’s no telling anymore whether a notification will show up when a comment is posted, a few days later, or not at all. There’s no consistency to it at all anymore.) And with the awful customer service and the rudeness of some of the staff lately (there were thousands of comments in the news posts telling LJ not to take out the subject lines and they were ignored), I feel “ugh” about the prospect of giving LJ any more money. I still like the format for posting entries (still have no interest in making a Facebook or Twitter) but I’m just frustrated with all the problems that have come up.

And no cosplay review this year. There isn’t really any point considering how unmotivated and uninspired I was this year. I only made 3 costumes: the second Ryuuren outfit, the jellyfish dress, and 1930s Nancy Drew. I didn’t really like any of my jellyfish dress pictures that much and I don’t even have pictures of Nancy at all since I didn’t get a chance to do a shoot before it got too cold. :-/
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Thanksgiving and a new project

Happy Thanksgiving! We only had a few relatives over this year so it was pretty quiet.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated so here’s what I’ve been working on lately… Not a cosplay but a patchwork project. I’ve had a quilting magazine with a kimono-themed pattern sitting around for a few years. It’s called The Tea Ceremony and I started it a couple of weeks ago with Japanese print fabrics I’ve collected over the past couple of years. There are 17 pieces of fabric sewn together to make each kimono block. I still need to make two more of the small ones but want to buy more fabric first since I’m trying not to repeat the main fabrics. I also need fabric for the rest of the quilt; there are other blocks with teacups, lanterns and appliqued kanji. (Not sure if I’ll actually do the kanji that way though since in some cases, it would be appliqueing tiny irregular dots.)

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Happy Halloween!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted so let’s see…

NYCC/NYAF was a couple of weeks ago. Huge crowds again and lots of walking in circles since I wasn’t much interested in shopping or guests. (The soles of my feet felt weird for a few days afterwards!) I probably spent about a third of the con just hanging out at friends tables in the artist’s alley due to not wanting to deal with the crowds and boredom. I think I only saw about 15 people I knew and never ran into some other friends in the crowds. I ended up helping neoangelwink and athena_chan sell hats for a while on both Saturday and Sunday since there wasn’t anything better to do.

On the bright side, I did manage to find a cute little Clara plushie from Princess Jellyfish. Only one dealer seemed to have them so I guess they’re pretty new. And I got a tiny clay figure of a Harvest Moon cow in the artist’s alley. It was only an inch tall so I was amazed the artist managed the miniscule details by hand! And it was kind of amusing that she wrapped it up for me in a tiny Chinese takeout carton. XD;

As a couple of you guessed, my new costume was Nancy Drew! More specifically, a vintage version from the original 1930 cover of the first book, “The Secret of the Old Clock.” I didn’t have time to do the clock and wouldn’t have wanted to lug it around such a crowded con anyway so I got an old fashioned magnifying glass with a wooden handle to carry around as a prop. Surprisingly, a few people did realize I was supposed to be Nancy Drew, including one of the guys at the Papercutz booth (company that did the Nancy Drew graphic novels) who recognized it as being from “The Secret of the Old Clock.” I didn’t really think anyone would get it since the cover has been redone a couple of times and the original isn’t in regular use anymore for the books.


Unfortunately, I have no pictures of it yet. I didn’t bother to get pics of it at the con since the Javits is terrible for photo locations and I figured I could do that around Halloween, which would also give me time to do the props. But that didn’t work out since my brother was having midterms these couple of weeks plus he has a Saturday class and there was that snow on Saturday, too. (What the hell? It never snows here this early! o_O;) So, I ended up doing nothing for Halloween and only finished making the clock earlier today. :-/ It’s a fabric-covered box because I can’t build props. >_>; I also painted the pattern on the fabric for the blanket.

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And I'm still not completely sure what I'm doing...

So, NYCC/NYAF is this weekend. I have one new costume and I’ll wear my red Daphne dress since it’s simple but I haven’t decided for sure what my third costume is yet. (Yeah, that kind of reflects my enthusiasm level for this con. >_>;) Hopefully, I'll get to hang out with some people I haven't seen in a while though.

The new costume is actually a Western character and I think she’s pretty well known since she has been around in some form or other since the 1930s. But I don’t think anyone would really get it since her appearance has changed a lot over the years and I’m trying to do a vintage version from when she first appeared. Any guesses? :-D