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Lady of the Thread's Sewing Basket

Ramblings of a stitcher of fantasies

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  • ladyofthethread@livejournal.com
I’m a fan of anime/manga, mystery novels, and musical theatre. I like to sew and love making costumes. I also like doing needlework although I don’t stitch as much these days due to costuming taking up more of my time. I’m rather quiet in real life but I tend to babble a lot on LiveJournal, usually about various hobbies, and post pictures of whatever I’m working on at the moment. For more photos, check my galleries at cosplay.com, Cosplay Lab, and American Cosplay Paradise.

I have a bachelor’s degree in finance and marketing as well as a certificate in fashion design. My family is in the plastics business and I assist my parents with their business.

I prefer to keep all my posts public so they mostly relate to cosplay and other hobbies. Don’t expect anything too personal here since my life isn’t that interesting aside from my hobbies and I can’t talk about most business stuff.

I'm somewhat shy so I generally feel a bit awkward adding someone to my friends list without an invitation from them, especially if we haven’t met or talked much before. ^_^; But if you've met me at a convention, know me from a forum or community, are interested in my costumes, or just have similar interests and want to add me to your friends list, please comment and introduce yourself. I pretty much add everyone back as long as they comment and let me know who they are and where I might know them from. ^_^